Tite Grip I

Tite Grip I

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Tite Grip is a topical antiperspirant hand cream. It is non-sticky and lasts for 4 – 6 hours. For optimal use, apply 30-60 minutes prior to activity. Both formulas have a lavender scent. Please note this is NOT a grip. It is often used before using gloves and/or a grip product such as Mighty Grip or iTAC2. Designed for use on the hands but some people like to use on their feet too.


Tite Grip I  – 2fl oz.  (59ml)

For those with EXTREMELY sweaty palms! Tite Grip I is your secret to combating the struggle of slipping and sliding off the pole, especially during a performance or competition. Popular among pole dancers and other athletes needing solid grip such as in gymnastics, golf, weight lifting etc, Tite Grip I is one of the best antiperspirant available in the market today. 

Tite Grip I is the original formula with extra strong antiperspirant control. It is a liquid which can be applied on your hands and feet. It comes with a great lavender smell that has been popular with users over the years. No more slippery descent from the pole before the routine is over, reapplication of grip aids after each trick, or frantically wiping your hands on your pole wear. Just apply a small amount in your hands 30-60 minutes prior to activity, rub them together, and you are rockin’ and ready to go! 

Leaves a slight white chalky residue on your hands.

If you suffer from very bad sweating (Hyperhidrosis), this would be the formula for you. 


How to Apply:

Put a small amount in your hands and rub them together, you will immediately notice:

  • Moisture will be drawn from your hands
  • Your hands will become temporarily sticky
  • Your hands will become dry and stay dry