Secrets to a Perfect Split! - By Lisa Marie DeadySuicide!

Achieving perfect splits is a dream and goal of many dancers, as not only does it look impressive on its own, it also improves the aesthetics of various tricks you execute up on the pole!

You’ll notice right away how stretching and flexibility improves your pole dancing progression! Instead of struggling to get your top leg straight in Ayesha, you’ll feel more confident than ever in your Jade splits, seeing progress over a matter of days in how flat your legs can go!

Being more flexible also helps to prevent injuries, improves posture, and even reduces stress and releases endorphins!

And let's not forget one of the most important benefits - being more flexible feels AMAZING! It's a wonderful feeling to use your body to its full potential, without feeling restricted or stiff.

Let Lisa Marie share her secret tricks to achieving perfect splits, and personally guide you along, in a private and cosy small group session!
But be warned – once you start becoming more flexible, you may fall in love with stretching and become addicted to it!